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> >What about rituals based upon cosmic history?
> What about cosmic history (the real history, as we know it, as you see it
> in your scope) being the text (the myth, the story) of all rituals, or at
> least where we start....
> Now that we have a real clue what the real gods are, lets invoke them.
> Facts instead of fancy. Wonders instead of woo-woo.
> - Wade

by Joe Dees

(1) Cosmos

The Cosmic Heart beats slowly.
Plenitude pulses point to point
All in All, singular wonder
Self contained, containing
Ending, none remaining, then
Begin again, forever
Finitude of everythings
Boundless curved compass
Circumscribing Isness
>From the fiery atom egg

Endlessly reborn.

(2) Consciousness

Capillary sapience nourishes Being
With Meaning. Our awareness the
Central mirror paradox
Part enfolding All, the
Heart's Mind and Senses
Cosmic Self-Reflection
Flowing toward a jelling Soul.