virus: Once a mayor

Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 22:40:46 -0400

>Well I got to thinking about this and we have no religious relics.

Well, P.T. Barnum is an iconically memetic sort of character.... The Erhard of his time. If only he lived long enough to get into infomercials.... I shudder to think where NLP would be today with his influence.... The Fiji Mermaid was of course, one of his standard hoaxes, justified by his constant truism, 'There's a sucker born every minute.'

I highly recommend a pilgrimage to Bridgeport, CT, for anyone who loves carnival sideshows, and the Barnum Museum, smack dab in the center of town. P.T., you see, was Mayor of Bridgeport for a spell, two terms I think, but don't quote me.