Re: virus: memes, genes and empiricism

Tim Rhodes (
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 16:43:40 -0700

Joe wrote:

>Please show me thae empirical evidence that if we are serious
>about this, that such basing of rituals makes no more sense than
>basing them around squid migratory routes. Ya gotta start
>somewhere; it only makes eminent sense to start at those things
>which we routinely share - the experience of our linearly maturing
>selves and the experience of the circularly proceeding seasons.

Much better. I can understand a preference or a general appeal to common sense -- even an intuition or a hunch I can give some weight to -- but all that empiric mumbo-jumbo and hand-waving just leaves me staring out the window, watching the smoke curl off a beautiful woman's cigarette and slowly, silently dissipate into the waiting air.

"I think our rituals should involve the rhythms of life." To say that is enough. No need to call on the gods observation or empiricism just to justify your feeling.