Re: virus: missa viriis

Eric Boyd (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 18:14:30 -0400

Wade T.Smith <> writes: <<
>So -- rituals. It is certainly a direction we can shoot for.
>How do we begin?

And it's not even rituals, but the level of _involvement_ that is exercised by the participants.

I hear you. It's not so much the rituals as the imbuing of meaning into those rituals by participation. And this reflects back unto the churchs in a negative way -- as people pull away from them, and begin to see the dogma beneath them, the meaning vanishes, and what's left is what you experienced -- the structure with inept priests.

So we need new rituals -- new events, to which people can come and really feel a part of each others lives. In which they can participate, in order to build commitment and meaning.

"nihilism just isn't enough anymore"

You know, it ain't so much that we need any heirarchy of members, but every ritual does need a prompter- a person stage center willing to sing the first chorus- until everyone can sing it.

We need a singer/song writer. Does anybody want to volunteer their time to compose some Virian Vibes? (I'd suck at it...) We could harvest the soundtracks that we have for something appropiate. I think "It ain't easy being Green" (Kermit the Frog) might make a cool song to sing with Virians!

So, what rituals?

I don't have a clue. I think it's more an attitude about why we would gather.

... a song to sing when Virions meet.

... a joy to share with those who observe.

... and whatever, however, shows that there are no barriers between us.

yes. For a long time, I've wanted to meet members of Virus in person -- and it would be so cool to have a song to sing, or rituals to participate in.

I want to meet some Virians.

You know what we need? A member directory -- a who's where? to find each other, to make meeting each other easier.

If there is widespread desire for something like that, I hereby volunteer my time to make it -- both an online version and a 'published' one, if we want that.

Once we have such a directory, it should be easy to find good locations to meet.