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Now come on Ya'll If your going to be a church there has to be a group that people aspire to be like and draw inspiration from. A group that will tell the neophytes right from wrong. A group to out line what are the proper thoughts and ideas.

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>Wade wrote:
>>As you may have noticed, the Futurist, the Surrealist, the Communist, and
>>other wonderful manifestoes, are active documents, filled with contact
>>with the world, filled with actions, and the members of that movement
>>moved to it with art.
>>Memes need to be seen.
>>Why are we here?
>>I am here, personally, because I don't give a flying fuck for any other
>>church and never will. And as soon as there is any sort of edifice for
>>this one, I'll spit on it and move on.
>>And I will spit on any saint as well. It's the ideas that need the
>>structure, not the institution.
>>And, to me, the rituals that offer us a fact from science, and an art
>>from feeling, are the most competent. Those I can and will celebrate, and
>>hear the songs to sing.
>Brilliant writing! (And I with agree you completely on every last word of
>it -- no mean feat!)