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Sodom (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 13:14:21 -0400

touché - I had forgotten about the new "consciousness approach to writing" idea". Shows how conscious I am!

Bill Roh

psypher wrote:

> Bill Roh [Sodom] wrote:
> > These problems are definitely real - I agree it is not an easy thing
> > to do. What we are really talking about is participation I think.If
> > we are going to "vote" on things, then suppose we have a group like
> > the Snow Leopard collective, with users registrting individualy, a
> > group could skew the vote a particular way. What we need is an
> "outer
> > circle" in which everyone who has been here for a little while can
> > watch the newcomers and decide weather they have some major issue
> > that would exclude them. Maybe exclusion is better than inclusion as
> > a system - and all the oldsters will not have to deal with the
> > issue.
> ...I would like to suggest that a functional mechanism is already in
> place, requiring only diligent application to be successeful. Flame
> wars are different than passionate debate. Adoption of a "conscious
> approach" to communication should allow the individual participant to
> regulate their own behaviour. If, instead of resorting to flaming we
> cut off communication - ie. shunning, things tend to die down.
> confrontation without insult can also be effective.
> -psypher
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