virus: Virian manifesto

psypher (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 10:31:27 -0400 (EDT)

...having read the mail so far today and given over some time to thought [and to keep the topic from stagnating] I've composed a draft manifesto. It's only a draft, I welcome any input as to its content, this is by no means definitive and is not meant as such.

[Virian Manifesto: v 1.1: AS033: 136 AF: 1999]

Everything you know is a meme.

It is the contention of this body that liberty is fundamental. Autonomous action is essential for effective action. The individual organism is subject to manifold constraints on liberty - Virus exists to remove these fetters.

Chief among the bonds that chain the wings of cognition is dogmatic allegiance to symbolic constructs. The artifice of language leads the human organism to commit a primary error: the mistake of the symbol for the thing. The freedom of Virus reminds us that the map is not the territory, nor is the menu the meal.

Each person is a changing node in a shifting web of meaning. Each is limited by genetic predispositions, cultural influences and memetic exposure. The Church of Virus exists as a means to identify and disarm the acumen of toxic memes.

Meaning cannot be assigned, cannot be defined, cannot be given. The meaning of your life is a choice you make. The Virian process aims to make that choice free. It may be the only choice you have.

Each person may, through the process of cognition participate in the conscious evolution of their self.

The mind is a crucible, Virus is the fire and you are now a vector. Go forth ye then and multiply. Fastmail's Free web based email for Canadians