virus: Flag BBQ anyone. Yet another assault on the constitution, abrogat

Carl Wagener (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 00:58:34 -0500

"The House of Representatives today passed a constitutional amendment to ban so-called flag desecration. While the House adopted the amendment with 19 votes more than needed to get the required two-thirds majority, supporters of the amendment actually lost votes from the last Congress -- even though they spent more than $15 million to pass the bill! Senate Majority Leader TrentLott has indicated that the amendment is scheduled for a vote in the Senate later this summer."

They have links allowing you to complain about this latest assault on constitutionally protected rights by the "representative" elite. Interesting that "The Harris/Excite Polls" public opinion poll on the last piece of nonsense, i.e. the Ten Commandments farrago, ( ) yielded the following results.

Question - Will displaying the Ten Commandments in schools instill values in children influenced by violent images in popular culture?

Yes - It's an important step to promoting the moral teachings that have disappeared from our nation's culture. 34% => 15818 votes

No - It violates the separation of church and state, and fails to address the fundamental problems with youth today. 56% => 25571 votes

Unsure - It seems like violent movies, video games, music, and real life are larger contributing factors to the nation's moral decay. 9% => 4220 votes

Current Vote Tally: 45609

Which seems to indicate that the politicians are even further off the beaten track than the majority of the general public.


PS see what I meant about vocal minoirities?