Re: virus: Virian council and process

psypher (
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 23:16:46 -0400 (EDT)

> (1) uses memetic knowledge -- brings in and motivates new 'Virians'
> to achieve their own enlightenment. It is a "status" symbol, and
> people persue even meaningless status symbols (e.g. Richards recent
> example of 'air miles').

...a minority of persons, often refered to as "free thinkers" tend to respond to hiererchies of this sort in two alternate ways: They opt out of the hierarchy [witness Wade's quite sensible response] or attempt to subvert its authority [the response of this group as a whole to external hierarchy].

> (2) Allows us to coordinate activities to advance/develop/evolve the
> church. Eventually the inner circle might come to have some real
> (temporal) power, like when Virus has a building and a budget; but
> for now, a chair at the round table would primarily be about
> 'authority memes' and 'our responsibilities as memetic vectors'.The
> members of the inner circle would, between them, constitute the
> primairy memetic substrate on which Virus will evolve. (as it does
> already, of course, we'd just be formalizing it -- and gaining the
> benefits of a conscious awareness of our responsibility) An
> interesting long term goal for such an inner circle would be to plan
> a get-together. Imagine all of the inner circle Virians meeting in
> one place to talk for a few days! Think of what could be done!

...well, while I'm all about the building, the budget and the get together I'm a punk-rocker at heart and a big fan of DIY - if people are interested in organizing something of the sort, let 'em. That way the people most committed self-select for level of involvement.

...the whole formality thing presumes a lot.

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