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A Geneticly Based Level 2 Xenophobic

Originally, in humankind's evolution, xenophobia was a winning survival strategy. Encoded in our genetic make-up, xenophobia probably uses the same neural pathways as those for facial recognition, which bonded parents with children and cemented small tribal communities together.

UTism as xenophobia was useful in that territory, mates, children, and the natural resources of the community had an innate and nearly instantaneous protection against a poosible threat, the "different face". This face could well mean the death of the community.

For thousands of generations this has served the tribal communities of this planet in a beneficial manner. But as the population has risen and civilization has evolved, people of different ethnic and religious heritages have clashed with results that exceed the original survival advantage of xenophobia. So, at the same time as cultures were evolving, we have witnessed an evolution of UTism to fit the culture.

UTism is seen mostly within ethnic and religious based territorial conflicts. Family taboos against marrying outside of your race or religion are UTisms on a community level. Socioeconomic levels also have their unspoken UTisms. It is found within the political, scientific and religious debates within a stable community. People have a propensity to divide according to differences instead of uniting based upon similarities.

Modern day UTism has found its place in our technological society. UTism seems to use every avenue possble to spread its memeplexes. It would seem that the press, the pundits and the politicians have enhanced and exacerbated UTism through every sort of information medium available. By way of intense scrutiny and criticism, through naive and blind praise and worship; with demagogery and damnation they have partitioned our leaders and ourselves according to their own divisive doctrines of UTism.

Every cause or set of beliefs has leaders. These leaders are portrayed in such a fashion as to distorted and caricature all the groups and individuals associated with the cause. Not only are intimate followers of a cause caricatured, but some groups only remotely related are also. But it all boils down to a xenophobic foundation of an US against THEM platform. Everyone is neatly compartmentalized into this absolutist perception presented by the experts and the leaders. Everyone is pidgeonholed. Anyone pragmatic is considered lukewarm and has no spine.

Are all christians fundies?
Are all feminists radical?
Are all Republicans gun-loco and pro-life? Are all Muslims radical Islamics?
Are all Democrats socialists?
Are all Protestants like Bob Barr?
Are all Environmentalists chicken-littles? Are all prisoners dangerous and immoral? On and on it can go with UTist generalizations.

In the present day environs of modern democracies, political and social discourses boldly insinuate UTism into the issues at hand. This is always put forth in terms of expedient and compulsory demands for decisive actions made in terms of FOR or AGAINST. Every issue has the voice of chicken-little and the need for a rush to judgement. Pragmatism and practicality are not given a voice because they dont fit into the scheme of OPPOSITES. A very good example is the CNN show, "Crossfire" which seems to speak for two small minorities in the more extreme wings of politics and society.

There is a thriving business in self-replicating polarizations and positional absolutism in both social and political war zones. No leader dares budge for fear of losing the power in the magnetism associated with the polarization. Or for fear of losing votes if one does not adhere to the unequivocal clarity of the absolutist position. Citizens can then cling easily to these simplistic UTist polarizations and satisfy the need to belong to an ideological US opposing THEM.

The oversimplification and generalizations of UTism that once protected a community have now become a primary danger to the overall stabilty and prosperity of society. We must realize this and reject it.

Well, fellow virians, what do you think?