Re: virus: change in the church

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 00:49:51 -0700

Eric wrote:

>hahahaha. Seriously, though, long before we need to defend it, we
>need to write it. I for one have only the faintest idea what it
>should contain, and no idea at all of how it should read. I guess the
>first major decision is 'length'. How long are we looking at? (the
>communist manifesto is about 15,000 words -- I don't think we need
>that many!)

Personally I prefer my manifestos short enough to fit on a poster or a broadsheet and riddled with all sorts of self-referential ironies. ( )

But, hey, maybe that's just me!

-Prof. Tim

>We are still on the one Saint, our hero Charles Darwin, right? A few
>times it has been brought up but then the list floods with nominees. I
>for one, am a big Bertrand Russell fan, so he is my first choice. I
>would vote for a fictional person if we could come up with a good one
>that illustrates our principles well. Perhaps we should add 3 or 5 at
>a whack, and have a little nominating and voting setup.
>Bertrand Russell. Excellent. I'd be willing to be the "voting booth"
>if we want to develop our saints... is there widespread desire out
>there for more saints?
>Yea, me too. I think I would like to see our world end (humans that
>is) by becoming the next species. By becoming more that what we are
>now. But if we return to the water and swim with the dolphins
>50,000,000 years from now, that is ok too.
>Hmmm. Some kind of transhumanist goal?
>I've thought about it a little more, and I guess the goal dictated by
>Virus would be for us to further evolve along "meme-substrate"
>lines... bigger brains, more technology, etc. Where does that end?
>Assuming we confine it to one planet, it ends with a borg like
>collective. And the borg... the borg are extropian, but are they
>(e) Common memes and their roots: It would be nice to illustrate some
>of the common memes that most of us are infected with and show where
>they started and how they were spread. Examples if you will.
>Excellent idea. I was thinking it would be a good idea to have an
>entire memetic workup on the UT meme. You know, talk about it's
>biological origins, it's memetic status, it's damage to humanity in
>the modern setting, etc.