Re: virus: change in the church

psypher (
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 22:02:22 -0400 (EDT)

> hahahaha. Seriously, though, long before we need to defend it, we
> need to write it. I for one have only the faintest idea what it
> should contain, and no idea at all of how it should read. I guess
> the first major decision is 'length'. How long are we looking at?
> (the communist manifesto is about 15,000 words -- I don't think we
> need that many!)

...if we can come to some consensus as to content and target audience I'll volunteer to write it. I have some experience with the composition of manifestoes.
...before we set a length we need to figure what components it should contain. My thoughts:

a- the virus of liberty

      i. degrees of freedom
     ii. how our memetic viewpoint liberates the infected
 b- the field of competition
      i. memetics and the mind [whose thoughts are we having?]
     ii. memetics and consciousness [what's 'me' in this equation]
iii. memetics and culture [from whence come the memes?] c- you have already been infected

i. enacting the viral program [this of course requires that we develop a program]

...just something off the top of my head. We're not looking for an academic tome [a la communist manifesto] but more a persuasive introduction to memetic concepts and a guide to further thinking - right? 2 to 3 thousand words should cover it.

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