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>From: Jim Laukes <jlaukes@U.Arizona.EDU>
>Subject: virus: Toward a Science of Consciousness
>Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 08:18:02 -0600
> Conference Announcement
> and
> Call for Papers
> Toward a Science of Consciousness "Tucson 2000"
> April 10-15, 2000
> Tucson Convention Center Music Hall
> Tucson, Arizona
> Sponsored by
> Consciousness Studies
> at the University of Arizona
>Representatives from psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science,
>philosophy, computer science, physics, mathematics, medicine, physiology,
>biochemistry, anthropology, art and other fields are invited to a fourth
>major interdisciplinary scientific conference on consciousness.
>This conference will continue the exploration of one of science's last
>great frontiers. In the tradition of the first three Tucson conferences,
>the meeting will transcend disciplinary boundaries. Participants will
>raise questions from areas throughout the sciences and humanities, and
>seek answers wherever they may be found.
>Abstracts are due October 15, 1999. Submission guidelines are available at
>our website:
>Relevant topics include:
> Philosophy: conceptual foundations, qualia, ontology, explanation,
> self, intentionality, mental causation, reality, free will
> Neuroscience: neural correlates of consciousness, neuropsychology,
> vision, motor control, blindsight, anesthetic and psychoactive drugs,
> binding/integration
> Cognitive Science and Psychology: implicit processes, attention,
> metacognition, memory, language, emotion, sleep, cognitive models,
> artificial intelligence, animal consciousness
> Physical and Biological Sciences: quantum theory, space and time,
> evolution, biophysics, medicine, computational theory, quantum
> computation and information, life
> Phenomenology and Culture: first-person methods, religion and
> contemplative studies, anthropology, transpersonal psychology,
> hypnosis, parapsychology, aesthetics
> Scientific Program Committee
> David Chalmers, Philosophy, The University of Arizona
> Stuart Hameroff, Anesthesiology and Psychology, The University of
> Arizona
> Alfred Kaszniak, Psychology, Neurology and Psychiatry, The University of
> Arizona
> Christof Koch, Computation and Neural Systems, California Institute of
> Technology
> Marilyn Schlitz, Research Director, Institute of Noetic Sciences
> Alwyn Scott, Mathematics, The University of Arizona and Technical
> University of Denmark
> Petra Stoerig, Psychology, University of Dusseldorf
> Keith Sutherland, Publisher, Journal of Consciousness Studies
>For more information, contact
>Jim Laukes
>Consciousness Studies
>Department of Psychology
>The University of Arizona
>Tucson, Arizona 85721
>Jim Laukes <jlaukes@U.Arizona.EDU>

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