Re: virus: FAQ: v1.0 (b) - A few of the nine billion names....

Tim Rhodes (
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 21:08:45 -0700

The Hermit wrote:

>P.S. Tim, As far as YWHW is concerned, I very much doubt it was memetic
>engineering at work. Given the sheer number of gods floating around the
>middle east, it was simply natural selection. The nastiest, most vicious
>god in the "cradle of civilization" won out in the end. The Paul/Roman
>"Jesus" fiction is another can of worms entirely. There I suspect that
>very deliberate tactics were employed. I do suspect though, that it was
>simply nasty pragmatic but very competent practical psychologists at
>work nudging the existing memeplexes, selected by thousands of years,
>into doing their dirty work.

I have no disagreement with this. (And remain amazed at your abilities when it comes to thoroughly research of a given topic.)

-Prof. Tim