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In message <00c401beb9c6$defc6a60$>, Eric Boyd <> writes
>(b) What is a meme?
>A meme is a unit of information in a mind whose presence influences
>events such that more copies of itself get created in other minds.
>Memes can be seen as the basic building blocks of culture, or as the
>software of the human mind.

This definition is controversial -- as is any other, at this stage -- and I think that fact should be noted, with a link to a more impartial source, such as the jom-emit site.

>(q) what is conciousness?
> Good question!!! There are a great many schools of
> thought on this. If you'd like to explore some of the
> more interesting ones, we invite you to join us at:
> < >
>From the Collins Concise dictionary:
>Conscious: adj. 5. of the part of a mind that is aware of a persons
>self, surroundings, and thoughts, and that to a certain extent
>determines choices of actions.
>The debate, of course, is "what part of the mind (brain)"? and "to
>what extent?"

I'm not sure the dictionary definition and the comment on it are helpful. If the definition is just glanced at, it doesn't add much to what any native English speaker, at least, already assumes. If it's examined, it begs even more and deeper questions than the comment points out.

>For more info on members views, see:

Thanks for the cite, but I think, instead of "members views", that should be "the views of some members".

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