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Carl Wagener (
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 00:07:08 -0500

I understand it to be that the believers have dogmatic "faith" and the unbelievers doubting "phaith". So the original word is not redefined and carries its usual meaning. Thus, if it is insulting, we insult ourselves. Which like remembering to laugh at your self, is not all bad.


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I agree... these variant spellings have been tried before and they land as
insulting and distancing to the very people we would like to reach.

Richard Brodie
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>(h) What is phaith?

And I put in my two cents here and say, again- stop coining words. It's

juvenile unless it's not. In this case, IMHO, it is. 'Phat' will die an
ignominious death if it hasn't already and so should 'phaith'. Phooey.