Re: virus: Holy Shit! Lawmakers Say Yes to Ten Commandments...

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 20:19:50 -0400


Zombie Cow <> writes:
BTW, While we're at it, just what is the name of God?

I don't believe I've ever heard anything besides "Lord" and "God" and neither is a proper name. Is it perhaps Jehova or Jahve?

Depends which god you're talking about. Me, I always ask before entering any discussion of theology -- if they refuse to answer the question "what that fuck god are we talking about" ("*name her*"), then it's a good bet the conversation will go nowhere. What kind of a person believes in a god without a name?

My favorite gods are Eris and Apollo. Eris 'cause she's fun (I always picture her as beautiful, although she certainly doesn't have to be), and Apollo 'cause he's my kinda intellectual.