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Fri, 18 Jun 1999 05:08:28 -0700

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The Hermit wrote:
(c) What's wrong with believing in God?


It's interesting, your answer is very close to Richard's:


Maybe this is the basis for a common ground on which to base our collective answer.

I'm rather partial to the quote that was posted a while back (I don't remember who posted it); it went something like " when you understand why you don't believe in all those other gods, you'll understand why I don't believe in yours.", or words to that effect. The central argument in this quote is so loud and clear, and of such an insidious nature (it subverts and co-opts the reader's own understanding and feelings about their beliefs about other religions, and uses it as a mental mirror), that one simply _could not_ miss the point, and it does it with few words, and without explaining the point explicitly. This is a good "stealthy infiltration" meme because it's vector of infection is through the back door of the emotions rather through the front door of intellect (to a close approximation).