Re: virus: Banning the teaching of evolution

James Veverka (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 14:59:40 -0400 (EDT)

Sodom wrote.......
>suggested in the house that the teaching
>of evolution be BANNED from public
>school. I would say that this was the first
>time recently that I have actually been
>afraid of the right wing!

I have been monitoring every one of these rotten bastards for years. I have watched their every stinking move. I know who every single one of the pigs are and their slogans are. For years I have carefully scrutinized each and every theocrat.

About 5 weeks before the election, I came to a conclusion based upon several different factors that the right was about to implode, go into disarray, and lose much of it's clout. I told a few of my friends, and they laughed at me. Well, even I was surprised how correct I really was. I watched it unfold and it has not stopped yet! Everything they do backfires now.

I think their party is over, Sodom. A few years ago this could have had a chance. Around 1996 the House passed a law OUTLAWING Playboy magazines sold in the PX on Naval Subs. WOW! Anyway, the Supreme Court tossed it into the garbage heap. They proposed alot of similar garbage that went nowhere too. The president has been beating them up for years; ever since the shutdown. Thank the stars for education and the Supreme Court!hey couldn't even protect themselves during the scadal!!! They are doomed. Their is a army of hate chasing ei e move. The news lately is full of vouchers crashing and creationism rejected on the state level.

While they preach state rights, the states are dealing with school vouchers and creationism by trashing them. So it would not be surprised if rightwingers try to use the federal government to overide the states in some issues. But I think it is too late for the wackjobs. So much has happened in the last 6 years that has crash-course educated the public away from the right. They have discovered that the right is a toxic miasma. And science is kicking their asses as usual.

And the democrats have moved to the center.

If you go to you can get right wing alerts; press updates in timely fashion.