Re: virus: Why swim upstream?

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 14:04:18 -0400


Tim Rhodes <> writes:
>[I write:]Just as a side note, I think the "explosion" of email is
>already here -- we're just not harnessing it, and so the
>explosion is hurting rather than helping us.

This is a beautiful analogy. BTW.

I know. It also provides such a powerful metaphor for what I want to do with my epistemology -- I want to build an engine around these "explosions" and harness the power to do work. You can then see my checklist/questionaire as the physical mechanisms in the engine: pistons, cylinders, crankshaft, etc. I think it would be an excellent exercise to explore a direct mapping (attempt to make the metaphor concrete).

>So why swim upstream? Because there's gold in them there hills! All
>we gotta do is go get it!

True enough! And I think your Epistemology of Email may be the first step in putting a waterwheel on that stream and harnessing its power to help us sift the gold from the sand.

Yes. I'd like to do a little "test", if you will, right here. For instance, lets try to create a Virian Manifesto via email interactions. I want to make it a serious attempt at implementing the "solution", however, so I'm going to start the thread with a *structure* into which individual creativity can be invested.

Or maybe we should try it with the wanted FAQ first... there will probably be more agreement there.