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Brett Robertson (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 17:19:19 -0500 (EST)

While I don't doubt that a person can arbitrarily choose a "purpose"... this "overcoming self-negation" (getting past ok?) must involve
"self-willed" FORCE: As well, it is ultimately counter-productive
assuming there is a *prime effect* that one might discern from one's past successes (and assuming that one might, for some reason, "choose" a purpose which is different from that which is historically caused and/or embodied by that individual through his/ her most consistent and efficient efforts).

NO. There is no individually determined truth (if there are multiple truths, there is NO truth).

This "level 3" thing STILL sounds like "switching your story on the fly" (as if to say "that's what I meant all along"). As described, it appears to be no more than another form of mutual condonation-- or a pedantic justification for promoting liars to positions of yes-men so as to overcome individually- discernible moral truths* through sheer group force.

*moral truths-- meant to imply logical necessities as contrasted from arbitrary purposes

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