Re: virus: Repeat of Myth, magic and mysticism

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 17:54:33 -0400


Snow Leopard <> writes: <<
{snip a sadly misinformed "attack" on evolution}

You know what finally convinced me of the truth of evolution? It wasn't the evidence, it wasn't the arguments, it wasn't anything but a realization that evolution is the only theory we have that is even *capable* (in principle) of explaining the existence of organized complexity. Certainly no theology is capable of it...

I recommend that you read:

Dennett, Daniel. Darwin's Dangerous Idea.

Dennett has an excellent chapter on the historical origins of the theory of evolution -- as you may know, it was around quite a long time before Darwin stepped on the scene. What Darwin gave us is *a way to take evolution seriously* -- a plausable method by which small random changes over time could lead to design and organized complexity.