Snow Leopard (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 05:40:39 PDT

In response to the statistics about prison inmates, I feel that I have something to contribute. The Snow Leopard collective decided to let these conversations take their own course because the general annoyance we were creating. I would like only to emphasize that a qualifying clause of the Blue Pill theorem was "if belief has equal benefits to disbelief…" and that studies have shown that hospital patients that pray, are prayed for or go through any sort of religious anything experience positive psychosomatic effects.

Anyway, my brother was in one of the prisons you mentioned, as well as 3 others in the Upstate New York area. Do you want to know why 5-% of inmates are Catholic? I can help. Tony was always a rebellious boy, didn't believe in God, wanted to live his life to the fullest, here and now. It broke my mom's heart. He was imprisoned on drug charges. With nothing else to do, he spent time on his artwork, and on letters home, a few classes and some religious activities. He of course, knew it would please Mom, and thus provide more food, if he followed Catholic rituals. This is part of the reason why so many prisoners readily admit affiliation. However, when he was released, he absolutely refused to acknowledge any such tie. Prison temporarily causes the manifestation of latent meme-complexes. The statistics are not face value.

This isn't to say, of course, that no one in prison has a life- changing experience or gets more permanent convictions. Often, the prison experience is shocking enough to make someone re-evaluate their attitudes, and look for a moral system, and find it attached to religion.

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