RE: virus: Technology (was manifest science)

Zloduska (
Tue, 08 Jun 1999 00:38:38 -0500

Brett wrote:

>Are you and Joe butt-buddies?

You know, many a time I have sat and bitten my proverbial lip as I read and deleted the many novels of enigmatic, weightless wank that are your posts, and have usually succeeded in distancing myself. As they say, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit." Perhaps that would be a suitable epitaph. Anyway, I let the majority of the debris float on by without giving it a second glance. Not bothersome, and even somewhat amusing at times. Hell, I even tried to befriend you, and resolve the long-standing email enmity between us, as I have done with others. I had more success in getting a mop to sing in French.

But when your banter crosses the line from tedious to insulting my intelligence and even my "gender" based on your ridiculous 'objective reality', my hackles are raised.
You have the authority of a Magic 8-ball in Sanskrit, and yet you continue to preach the Gospel of Babble-on (not Babylon). I think it was necessary for someone to interject and jostle your saddle on the high horse of Conceit, as you already take yourself much too seriously. So far you've proven yourself to be overtly sexist, pretentious, presumptous, overly paranoid and delusional to the point of possible mental illness, recently **homophobic** (another tender topic for me), and now I'm waiting for a pro-KKK speech to pop out of that automatic word salad-shooter you've got.

Unlike your usual perceptive self, someone who is able to digest oodles of thoughtful argumentation while ignoring all citations of your grave logical mistakes and savoring the meat of the matter- a spelling error- I think you failed to discern the MESSAGE here. Folks aren't agreeing with Joe because they are 'intimate' together (not that being in a clandestine Internet love triangle wouldn't be the utmost groovy), but have made fair observations and are in the right. I suppose it was your almighty diety of Objectivism that told you it was alright to refer to your peers as "butt-buddies", but in this Church homophobes are ostracized and exiled.