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> > Pattern becomes progressively more important as you climb the
> > ladder of complexity. With humans, it is all-important.
> > Disassemble the human brain and you possess the same material,
> > but the person is irretrieveably lost.
> I would be interested to know if a brain were frozen solid, each atom
> was seperated, put in a jar, then placed back together again, how that
> would feel. Who knows, there may be some methods of disassembly that do
> not lose the 'person.' Such a claim is an assumption.
The brain is an electrochemical organ. To disassemble it would be to disperse the electric potentials which form the informational patterns which underlie our consciousness, thus to dissipate the consciousness itself. Were you to subjectively experience such an assembly (and you would not be able to experience it all), you would become less and less, and eventually nothing.
> > Bare carbon chains bereft of pattern decides not how they spin;
> > within certain limits, we do.
> Who knows? Maybe there is some neural-logic gates at the subatomic
> levels that allows a self-referencing recursive self-awareness proccess to
> occur where the atoms choose to spin. I don't. To say that consciouness
> exists only at our macro/micro size in the universe is equivalent
> to saying that Jesus is a savior, IMHO. I haven't seen it, but patterns
> tend to repeat in fractal nature.
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