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> > There is a diffence between being trapped on the back of a wild
> > stallion and grasping the reins in our hands. The horse may yet
> > unseat us, but while we are astride, it will not gallop randomly any
> > more.
> Your still only able to make one choice. In retrospect, the only
> 'choice' you could have made is the one you did, since that is all you did
> 'choose'. Any other choice would have required a different brain with
> different memories, reactions and calculations. It would not have to be
> much different, but it would not be the same.
Only in retrospect can determinism be asserted, for all alternatives have been collapsed into a single history. Prospectively, the future is an ambiguous and uncertain arena allowing for multistable instantiations, between which we to some degree freely choose.
> Ramble/note to self:
> Does the idea of 'choice' stem/relate to the idea of 'linear time'?
Time is a linear and unidirectional phenomenon on the macroscale, due to the constraints imposed by the laws of entropy and probability.
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