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Keep it simple. A tool is a "thing" which is produced and which assists in doing a job. It should be noted that a "thing" may be imaginary (e.g. a mental model) and still be very helpful. I don't think that any anatomical whatsitsnames can be classed as a tool, except for the penis, and even then, only in very colloquial language... TheHermit

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Gettin tired so hope this comes out right. When you act, there are "unconscious" processes that are redirected (Ex: more blood flow) and are changed through conscious motivation. The thought starts the changes and then the motivation is accompanied by the necessary internal component. I also dont see how you can separate the fingers from the hand from the arm from the shoulder from the torso from

the....................from the thought.  

Those fingers blindly evolved adapting to the environment much like a key adapting to a lock. Otherwise, my whole body is a tool. Including the "computer" directed "electrical configurations" that direct the "mechanical" appendages, "the hydraulics" and the "combustion" engine that converts the fuel into energy.

Maybe I am a tool for nature to see itself (just