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> > I think that it's not a matter of belief, but of knowledge. Free
> > (though not absolutely free) will is exercised by all of us, every day.
> > As Maurice Merleau-Ponty says in THE PHENOMENOLOGY OF
> > PERCEPTION (p. 442), "The rationalist's dilemma: either the free
> > act is impossible, or it is not - either the event originates in me or
> > is imposed on me from outside, does not apply to our relations with
> > the world and with our past. Our freedom does not destroy our
> > situation, but gears itself to it."
> If that is a way of saying that it is irrelivant, then I agree. But I
> only agree when looking at my own choices. I say that everything we do is
> a product of our environment. I say that evolution is a proccess of our
> environment ("evolution; it just is"). 'Technology' (whatever
> we came out with a definition to be) and our tools are just more of the
> same proccess.
> - dylan

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