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> > If our body can use a nutrient, it has evolved molecular locks in
> > which the key of the particular nutrient may fit and by means of
> > which they may bond. The codes for creating the systems which
> > produce the molecules possessing particular locking configurations
> > are indeed genetic ones. The distinction stands; evolution is not
> > motivated by any purpose (deific or otherwise); innovation is
> > motivated by human purposes.
> Do you believe in "free will"? Or just the appearance of it? Or not at
> all?
I think that it's not a matter of belief, but of knowledge. Free (though not absolutely free) will is exercised by all of us, every day. As Maurice Merleau-Ponty says in THE PHENOMENOLOGY OF PERCEPTION (p. 442), "The rationalist's dilemma: either the free act is impossible, or it is not - either the event originates in me or is imposed on me from outside, does not apply to our relations with the world and with our past. Our freedom does not destroy our situation, but gears itself to it."
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