Re: virus: Re: Technology (was manifest science)

psypher (
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 21:22:39 -0400 (EDT)

Joe Dees input:

> I must come back to the point that there is no will in evolution,
> thus it cannot intend, plan or carry a plan out. Evolution thus is
> not, in the natural world, evolving technology (the Hermit's
> are a different matter). We do all of these (intend, plan, carry
> out plans) in design and manufacture. While evolution has provided
> us, quite unintentionally, with our finite, incarnate, and
> perspectival embodied condition, technology allows us to construct
> out of our external environment material means by which we may
> augment our limited natural ground capacities for perception, action
> and cognition.

...okay. I believe I understand what you're saying. now [assumes inquisitive demeanour] are our experiences of [will, intention] etc. expressions of free action or are they constrained by the environment, our experience and heredity?

...I guess what I'm trying to get at could be phrased: "Is will an act by which we devise/select a solution to a problem or merely the experience of the decision happening?"

...if your answer to this question refers back to the transcendence of the Godelian limit on complexity then I'd appreciate some elaboration as I'm not sure what you mean by this.


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