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Dylan........the parts of the whole you were refering to (sugars, shit, etc) are just tiny parts of a global homeostasis that occurs moment by moment in the physical body of living organisms. There are guzillions of processes occuring simultaneously to provide optimum internal conditions. You can't separate one from the other; everything occurrs as a symphony. When one "instrument" (the pancreas, isle of l.) goes afoul the whole orchestra is effected. Nothing is a "separate" tool. (except a man and his penis).............jim

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> > To me, technology = tools. You use and make the best tools you can if
> > you're any kind of craftsman at all. So far, homo sapiens sapiens is the
> > only species that makes tools for making tools.
> I'd agree with you, if you are refering mainly to tools of a
> non-biological proccess (Dogs turn sugars into ATP, they use that as a
> tool to enable their saliva generating cells, that make saliva (a tool,
> imho). If we can say that a dog makes shit, we should be able to say that
> they make ATP).
Neither is voluntarily made in one of several possible manners for a chosen purpose. Biological processes are not tools, but help constitute the bodily base whose capacity tools may extend. 
> I'm tired of quoting dictionaries, but it seems relivant in this case.
> Note definition #4 from
> Main Entry: 1tool
> Pronunciation: 'tl
> Function: noun
> Etymology: Middle English, from Old English tOl; akin to Old English
> tawian to prepare for use -- more at TAW
> Date: before 12th century
> 1 a : a handheld device that aids in accomplishing a task b (1) : the
> cutting or shaping part in a machine or machine tool (2) : a machine
> for shaping metal : MACHINE TOOL
> 2 a : something (as an instrument or apparatus) used in performing an
> operation or necessary in the practice of a vocation or
> profession <a scholar's books are his tools> b : a means to an end <a
> book's cover can be a marketing tool> c often vulgar : PENIS
> 3 : one that is used or manipulated by another
> 4 plural : natural ability <has all the tools>
That is sports slang. This is all that need be said about it. Meaning #1 is the meaning referred to here.
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