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> A "will to power" (which suggests intention and action arise in the
> actor... according to which intention and action arise in the actor, ad
> in), IF true, NECESSITATES that unless one uses force to continually
> create and maintain ones life such "life force" would cease to empower
> one. *I* for one do not "will" myself to live, but use the force
> granted by my life to act IN LINE WITH THAT FORCE.
Yeah, just like you have to wake yourself up everry second to tell yourself to breathe and your heart to beat. If you wanna know about the "Will to Power", try Friedrich Nietszche; he wrote a whole big book on it.
> Still, I like your suggestion that intent empowers will. I merely add
> to this idea that intent is none other than the potential contained
> within an object by which the object acts to produce logical results.
> The difference in this and HUMAN intent is awareness (BY a human) of
> this fact-- plus possible (though not necessary) self-glorification
> and/or deliberate mis-application of this force SO AS to self-glorify.
> If you, on the other hand, believe that a human is not objective...
> PLEASE tell me of what you are made.
We are matter/energy evolved to an amazing level of complexity. Sure, we're material, but we are not only objects, as if a dead body were no different than its living twin with his/her dynamically recursive self-conscious processes interrelating with his/her environs; we are also subjects, who can intend and freely choose among a multiplicity of distinct alternatives, and act to make our choices come to pass. Objects DO NOT ACT; they are ACTED UPON. We, being both subject and object, both act and are acted upon, and both by means of our embodiment. You half the time seem to have this strange idea that selves don't exist, and the other half seem possessed by the even stranger one that selfhood is inherently evil. And where the fuck did this "self-glorify" Cotton Mather/Johnathan Edwards weird puritanical thingie come from? What dark recesses in your own twisted psyche inspire such talk? (never mind...I don't really wanna look at that pallid underbelly).
> And, yes, the "eat, drink, shit..." list ARE some of the prior
> necessities for human action such that it might be in line with what is
> objective. So are physical limitations, form, function, and arrangement
> of parts and wholes (etc.).
We do what we gotta do so's we can do what we wanna do; it has ever been thus...
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