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Sorry, forgot I wanted to comment on this.

I believe that many scientific minds get too caught up in logic and reason. Those of us who were ever heavily involved in mathematics, were repeatedly required to prove our answers. For a number of years, I was at the top of my math and sciences classes. I had reached a point where I was often able to derive the solution without the formula. Being very short of patience, it was a constant source of frustration to me that I had to prove I had derived the answer by writing out the formula. All the same, it emphasized the scientific need for "proof".

The most agile minds of our time are often thwarted by this very programming. There are many concepts far to complex for "modern" man to establish as fact. Unfortunately, many feel compelled to invalidate and discard any idea which can't be laid out in fact. The universe is no where near so simple. Although coincidence is scientifically and mathematically improbable, coincidence is often the only rebuttal for "mystical phenomena". I'm really glad to know that you keep a more open mind.


P.S. I didn't write this to get it into print. I wrote it because as I was reading through "Phaith" I kept wishing I'd been there to argue your side.

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>Greetings fellow Virians,
>I've been largely absent from the discussion for the past couple of
>weeks as I have devoted much of my time to the new It
>includes a page devoted to phaith and the evolution of the concept on
>the Virus list.
>I've made little effort to represent everyone's views on the topic. It's
>my site and I've focused on what's important to me. If any of you would
>like to create a phaith page that addresses your concerns on this issue,
>I will be happy to create a link from my phaith page to yours. I plan to
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>so anything you write will get read by more people than your fellow
>My goal is to increase the number of TOTD subscribers, so if you have
>any suggestions as to how I could accomplish that, do send them my way.
>If I could, I'd like to ask you to take a few minutes and look over the
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>Thanks, all.