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> > And prior to the human race, just exactly through whose eye and
> > mind would logic have been able to evolve (not the proper word) or
> > be extracted from perception (the right phrase), since it is, after all
> > derived from perception through reflective abstraction. Is this
> > another one of those God Thingies?
> 'logic'?
> Venus fly trap:
> if(DetectMovement(Clutches)) CloseClutches();
> if(FinishedDigesting(Clutches.inside)) OpenClutches();
> While i'd say the proccess is a bit more fuzzy then that, it is logic.
> (Note: i'm using definition 'd' from "logic" at
> d: the arrangement of circuit elements
> (as in a computer) needed for computation;
> also : the circuits themselves
Circuits which have not been designed and/or manufactured by an intentional self-conscious awareness do not exist. Electrochemical potential flows along the dendrites and synapses of neurons, but to compare them with a Pentium is a major metaphoric leap, and to equate the two is fallacious. Logic, in the first, second and third senses of, is a collection of abstract principles which have been derived from observation of the shared structural invariants of a multiplicity of distinct experiences. The venus flytrap is an organism which instinctually performs an interconnected set of actions in response to a particular stimulus; logic may be extracted and generalized from this physical system (in concert with other distinct instantiations), but it is only logic per se when it is abstract and general; that is, derived from the commonalities shared by a multitude of particulars, unattached to any one of them exclusively, and thus applicable to a multiplicity of them.

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