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> "Technology" (including the evolutionary process which manifests as
> biological "tools" such as eyes)... *technology* which has developed
> past a certain point (the point at which it becomes HUMANLY aware of
> itself as such-- and such that it might refer only to the non-human
> implements of a society) might be called, uh, SCIENCE?
The natural evolution of organs of perception and conception and the musculoskeletal effectuators of action is not technology, for it happened in the absence of any conscious intention, and is the ground condition of our embodiment. The extension of perceptual, cognitive and actional capacities by means of humanly designed and manufactured material assistance is what technology is. Our inheritable physical characteristics are genetically transmitted (through fucking); our technologies are memetically transmitted (through teaching/imitating/learning). Science is the collection of abstracted principles which have through repeatable experiments under controlled conditions have been discovered to apply to classes of phenomena; the existence of such principles is the ground condition for the possibility of technology in general, and must be utilized in the construction of any actually working particular technological device.
> Note: The problem... "science" (so called) is now the LIMITED
> perspective whose foundation precedes it and whose limits necessitate
> that-- though it might claim to be the whole of technology (and
> evolution)-- to do so is to do so at the ultimate cost of those
> biological systems which produce it.
The "biological systems" evolved by means of blind evolution until one particular species - us - breached the Godelian limit beyond which self-conscious awareness emerged. Capable of self-directed intention, some of us subsequently have chosen to investigate our surroundings and extract invariant laws from same (science), and use them to invent material means for extending our perceptions, cognitions and actions (technology). It's as simple as that.
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