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> Yes? And how do you back-up your final sentence (or is it that you
> simply refuse* to entertain the idea that a logic may have evolved prior
> to self-justified "will", and/or self-serving *force* by which
> creativity and intentionality arose)?
And prior to the human race, just exactly through whose eye and mind would logic have been able to evolve (not the proper word) or be extracted from perception (the right phrase), since it is, after all derived from perception through reflective abstraction. Is this another one of those God Thingies?
> *to justify your own self-serving power-plays without recourse to prior
> cause or necessary consequences...
You're still doing your Don Quixote thing (he was nuts, too), tilting at your chosen windmills of God-Imposed Absolutely Deterministic PanCausation. Your lance keeps stabbing empty air because such a creature is a phantom of your own fevered imaginings, without any existence anywherewhen besides.
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