Re: virus: Kow?

Tim Rhodes (
Mon, 31 May 1999 14:28:06 -0700

Richard wrote:

>I wish I could give my blessing to your philosophy that there is no harm in
>exposing yourself indiscriminately to maladaptive thoughts and behaviors,
>but it is a fundamental principle of cognitive psychology and memetics that
>that is not the case.

So, you're making the case for being a discriminating viewer of the various memetic landscapes? Well, I have no problems with that. I could never recommend an OS that doesn't discriminate between .exe files and .txt files. (And I suspect you feel the same way.) Does your view of memetics make a similar distinction?

And what tools do you employ to seperate the memetic wheat from the memetic chaff? (Remembering, of course, the close relationship between the wheat and chaff while its in the field.)

-Prof. Tim