virus: Beach boys' lament

Wade T.Smith (
Mon, 31 May 1999 12:08:06 -0400

On 05/31/99 02:08 the inimitable Rhonda Chapman made this comment

Help, help, me Rhonda....

>- My ideas are so irrefutable, you can think of no rebuttal.

That could be- I tend to let things that stand on their own alone.

>- You consider my ideas to have no value whatsoever.

That could be- I tend not to invest in lost causes. (Just can't explain why I'm staying with myself, though....)

>- I'm so beautiful you are struck dumb (that one's for you Richard)!

I have no idea how beautiful you are or are not. Please let a dreaming man dream.

>- You're hoping, if you ignore me I'll go away.

I never, willingly, ignore a woman or ask a woman to go away.

>- You delete all posts, with my name, without ever reading them.

That is true in a couple of instances here, but you ain't one of them.

>- You're afraid I'll fly out to Harvard and bite you if you argue with me.

Au contraire, I very much like being bitten. Dreams can come true.

>- You're too much of a gentleman to argue with a female.

I am too much of a gentleman not to allow any female to get in her two cents.

>I'm really favoring the "bite you" one. But, I'm flexible. Pick one of
>your own.

Well, I am totally biteable- just ask Tim. And I like flexibility.

Otherwise, I do usually clip the author off the reply, since I want to think all ideas here or anywhere are shareware- but that's my own bias, and it's gotten me in trouble.

Are you trouble?