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Sun, 30 May 1999 22:50:35 -0700

Prof. Tim,

When I first joined this list, I did so believing I had something to learn "here". As I read through your response, I kept thinking, "hmmm". This is my way of saying, that at least on one level, you are correct - I'm hearing your words through the filter of my personal . . . well, . . . probably that would be fears.

Just as I extrapolated "capitalism" in one of your earlier posts, I appear to have read similar distortion into this one. I want to re-read it and give myself some time to process. What that will change, I don't know. It may simply open my mind a bit.

There is one thing. You said:

>Oh, it's always gotta be about _you_ doesn't it, Roni? ;-)

Yah, I suppose it does where my money is concerned. I tend to be very "fair". I am not necessarily generous, certainly not overly generous. Money for me was never just a matter of avoiding poverty (as if that wasn't enough). I had so-o-o much to prove - being female almost certainly added a layer of complication. I've proven all I set out to prove. It's interesting to find that I haven't stopped. It's also interesting to find that I'm still afraid.

No matter how I feel about everything else, where money is concerned, I'm pretty conservative. Intuitively, I believe I am poorer for my mind set (yes, I mean that literally). The fact remains, my emotions make many of these choices. Changing those emotions involves developing trust. I've always had more reason to dis-trust. I'm workin' on it. Somethings just take longer than others.

Roni (not yet convinced; willing to give it more thought).

P.S. I am responding to the lucidity of your counter-arguments. I REALLY want for your original post to live up.

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