Re: virus: Kow?

Tim Rhodes (
Sun, 30 May 1999 17:32:14 -0700

Richard wrote:

>Dickenson couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag,

Yeah, Emily had a real hard time seeing the strike zone, as I understand it. :-)

>but the rest of them
>were productive and creative. I would model them if I were interested in
>moving my life in that direction. You are likening them to winos?

There's that interpretation thingy again. I WAS NEVER TALKING ABOUT THE WINOS! I was taking abou the businesses on 2nd & 4th, their owners and their patrons. Not about the unwashed on Western waiting for day labor outside the Millionares Club. (bless them)

Out of curiousity, how long did you live in Belltown without knowing about the Elvis room at Mama's Mexican Kitchen?

And yes, Richard, so you know, I have spent lots of time with people who unfortunately eventually went on to commit suicide--in fact, I gave you book by one of them. (One whose favorite haunt used to be, quite literally, right across the street from you.)

-Prof. Tim