Re: virus: RE: Medicine and Self-Objects

James Veverka (
Sun, 30 May 1999 06:24:49 -0400 (EDT)

Wade.........I am a big fan of The Dr. Dean Edel Show on talk radio. He now has a fabulous website at His show has several million of listeners every day.

"Dr Dean" reads over 30 medical journals every month to supply everyone
with the latest info on medical research, breakthroughs, and technologies. He also keeps us abreast with all the latest legislative debates concerning law and medicine. Any lawsuits in the wind and he knows about them too.

He is doing a brilliant job against psuedoscience and "alternative" medicine. One of the things he has educated the public about is the difference between cause and correlation with regards to effect. I know that I can never look at a study and/or statistics without a lot of questions now. It is like having an hour long class everyday on medicine and reason. His show is on at 4PM EST if you are interested in seeing how he educates the public........jim