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> "Subjectivity" involves self-negation and/ or dis-affirmation of truth.
You definition sucks on dry ice, not to mention being shared by no one else on this planet of whom I'm aware (I guess that makes it your subjective opinion, ay?). Subjectivity is the state of affairs obtaining for subjects, i.e. those who are both self-and-other aware, and is necessarily connected to objects, as that of which subjects are aware (the focus of their attention/intention). It is a ground condition which never does not obtain for the self-conscious (i guess that doesn't necessarily include you).
> Can there be forceful (or willful) action which is contrary to truth
> (ultimately, no, as that suggests NO person so as to become a subject-of
> such intent)?
Yeah, nimrod; it's called a lie.
> As a system of partial truths, non-truths, and un-truths
> I suppose there "is" subjectivity (as there are people who are subject
> to other's wills, by force... small consolation for you).
No, doofus, that's "subjection" as in Subjected to the rule of King X, and not to be confused with subjectivity except by you.
> However, if
> your problem with an objective truth is that it suggests order (and
> thereby "god", or "christianity"), then I suggest you find "god"... fast
You believe, despite your many glaring errors, that you ARE an infallible god, and that your deific stature is ensured by your inability to get a job, a lover, a life or a friend (I do not wonder why) and that doesn't begin to scratch the tip of the glacier of your permeant insanity.
> (rather than justify your actions using Carter and Clinton-- as neither
> the one's thoughts nor the other's deeds will justify your own actions
> in the long run if such actions are counter to an objectively determined
> order).
Fuck both you and your sad, sick and pathetic attempts to make me, rather than your demented and tristed worldview, an issue here. You don't even know what the fuck my actions are, asshole! You're a piss-poor candidate to "objectively determine" jack shit about anyone! And NOTHING YOU SAY can divert attention from your megalomaniacal delusions, for EVERYTHING YOU SAY continually foists them upon this list for all to see and judge.
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