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> kjs,
> I find no evidence for subjectivity...
You being a particular person, this statement is self-contradictory on its face. Rewind. Try Again.
> that is, beginning with a
> material universe, all events (actions and objects) MUST be defined
> objectively; and, with objective validity, what is true is true for ALL
> thinking animals regardless of the subjective slant they choose to put
> on it.
"Subjective slant?" Didn't you just deny the possibility of such a thing? Hellyes, but that never stopped our intrepid Brettster before! This all looks like some crazed pseudological quazijustification for some form of Christianity to me...
> (there are no individually determined truths especially not ones which
> are different for different people...
My name is Joe Dees. This is true. Of course, it may be true that different individuals may have different names...
>except that such might be
> coordinated by a larger truth whose interpretation is outside the bounds
> of individual [or group] say-so).
> ...
But individuals (and the social group at large) are the bestowers of names; nature sure doesn't do it.
> I disagree that all are self-destructive. What is your evidence for
> such a statement? (besides, I said that I was not taught to make excuses
> for such behavior, not that it NEVER occurred).
So, Carter, who sinned in his heart, is just as guilty of adultery as Clinton, who semened in Monica's mouth...I dinna think so.
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