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Brett Robertson (
Thu, 27 May 1999 01:07:42 -0500 (EST)

YOU: I tried to read this. I really did. I gave up. One can only read what is meaningful. I suspect that your symbols have abandoned reality and are fluttering aimlessly into a murky sky devoid of arrangement, all reason fled. I had first assumed that your surrealistic psychadelic writing was a deliberate ploy. Now I begin to fear that you think this makes sense...

ME: I think that if you were to take a sentence out of context and say why you agree or disagree with it, you would find that your arguments are already addressed in the sentences which precede and follow the particular sentence.

For example: "The technology of science is an emergent order whose unified, or OBJECTIVE, nature is founded upon a static arrangement which alone provides for the resolution of the logic it suggests." is a
"meaningful" statement when taken alone (which you may or may not agree
with). Still, a broader "statement" is being made by the arrangement of such ideas-- one which is suggested in the "logic" found within the overall context of the post.

I imagine that you have less problems with the *meaning* of the statements than you do with the *logic* of the presentation. You might try, therefore, to take statements out of context and respond to them as regards how the particular statement chosen applies to that which you consider meaningful.

YOU:There is a reason why we arrange certain words in certain order to build sentences; it is only then that they become meaningful to others.

ME: If you are talking about *reason*-- which might exist so as to suggest "meaning" to others when such reason is applied to the arrangement of words whereby they are put in CERTAIN order (such that sentences may be understood as logical constructions); then, you should be able to define what this "reason" is-- rather than implying (as you seem to) that it is created by the meaning which others assume for it.

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