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Assume chance applies to the arrangement of static objects. As such, freedom from stasis allows for change. Then, change which is ordered may be symbolized.

If this is true, we might say that a symbol is the representation of an "abstraction".

This is to say: Given only chance and a static arrangement of objects, the *abstraction* is that which MUST thus be represented by a symbol. This is suggested, since potential change is allowed for only through the abstraction of the proposed reality (since not suggested by the static arrangement alone): This assumption shows, thereby, how the object nature of reality may similarly be abstracted through the hypothetical negation, theoretical supposition, and *symbolic* representation of it.

Reality may thus be ordered in line with the symbolization of it and also be representative of an "emergent" order. As such, reality may be said to follow a logical development. Restated: The abstraction requires a system of objects to define a common ground which applies to any of the objects so encoded by the system, and this system is similarly *symbolically* ordered with regard to the representation of these objects as allowed for through the abstraction of them).

As such, symbolism (as in what is hypothetical and theoretical) always refers back to what is objective (if it is to be ordered, or logical).

The *emergent* potential of what is objective, by which it becomes ordered-- and so, that which thereby defines how what is objective is to be symbolized is the "technology" of it.

*Science*, as symbolic knowledge which exists within a context (such that the context provides the meaning for what is hypothesised and theorized), may-- according to this understanding-- be defined without a technology (or may be utilized pending a technology, assuming that it might thus define the foundation for itself). However, such a systems view must yet be validated by a pre-existing technology (emergent order) that it might be found logical, else science must find itself referring to itself only and so being unrepresentative of the object nature which it purports to describe.

The technology of science is an emergent order whose unified, or OBJECTIVE, nature is founded upon a static arrangement which alone provides for the resolution of the logic it suggests. The abstraction of reality by which what is objective might be hypothetically negated and only theoretically reinstated MAY define the "ethics" of the system... though, similarly, the *imperative* of such manipulations is a non-contradiction based, or "moral", foundation for it.

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> Technology creates science... not the other way around. While science
> cannot be used to discover the limits of science (and so suggests a
> metaphysic which is outside the bounds of the scientific); technology,
> on the other hand, CAN establish the standards and controls (the
> "reality") according to which what is scientific can be discerned from
> "science fiction". THIS is where the philosophical sciences come in...
> philosophy, psychology, sociology, politics, religion, and metaphysics.
Wrongo, Brettster. Observations contradict an old scientific theory, so a new one evolves which subsumes the old one as a special case. The practical application of the new theory makes possible more precise and complete measurements from the improved technology which it makes possible to construct. This in turn reveals inconsistencies in the new (now the old) theory, and the process repeats. This is the involution-evolution model of the relationship between science and technology, and neither is either the chicken or the egg in the cyclic roll.
> Thus, the "ethics" of science are the general applications of the
> specific technology (the "moral" of science).
> Brett Lane Robertson
> Indiana, USA
> MindRecreation Metaphysical Assn.
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