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> I hear that you are personally "sick" of being told what is right. I am
> sorry that you are unwilling to contribute at this time toward
> discussions which might help understand the terms
> moral
> reason
> judgement
> (as you say, you will reject all definitions of morality with a force of
> willfulness... you will use the term "judgement" to define what is
> "judged to be wrong" but refuse to believe there is a single, or "true",
> basis for such judgement... and you will say that violation may be
> deemed to have occurred "with good reason" but, similarly, refuse to
> define [or even discuss] an unquestionable foundation for such
> reasoning).
> Defining "morality" as "right action" doesn't place me in a position to
> judge what is right and wrong-- *truth* judges what is right and wrong
> (as in, it is right for a ball to roll downhill/ such that, an "immoral"
> ball is one which uses force to do what is un-natural... ie. roll
> uphill).
> My family were middle to upper class citizens who were monogamous, hard
> working, self-sacrificing, productive, and creative. They didn't
> instill in me the need to excuse behavior which is self-destructive.
> I am willing to discuss "fantasy" further.
> ps. I am also sorry you do not personally like the me/ you style of
> responding... please take your dislikes offlist or conform to the types
> of standards this style of forum evolves
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This ain't your list, Brettster! You're in no position to tell anyone what to say or how to say it. Deal with it (Goddess knows, we have to deal with the likes of you!).