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Robin Faichney (
Wed, 26 May 1999 09:58:10 +0100

In message <>, Wade T. Smith <> writes
>When colleagues are asked about Diamond and his ideas, they just about
>gush. Edward O. Wilson, the Harvard biologist and Pulitzer-prize winning
>author, introduced Diamond at the lecture as ''a polymath about whom
>superlatives roll easily off the tongue.''
[his next]
> book will survey what is known about cultures like the Maya of the
>Yucatan, the Anasazi of the U.S. southwest, and the people of Easter
>Island - cultures that destroyed themselves by destroying their
>Diamond is used to being asked whether he's hopeful about avoiding such
>fates on a global scale. ''It really is up for grabs,'' he says.

If anyone knows what Diamond and/or Wilson thinks about global warming, I'd be interested to find out. But you should probably make it offlist, as it's off-topic here. ;-)

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