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Brett Robertson (
Tue, 25 May 1999 15:34:56 -0500 (EST)

RE: Ethics is about abstract systems; morality is about fuzzy versions of them instantiated in individuals.

ME: From a systems perspective, this is true. The reverse may also be true from the perspective of "technology" (which I am proposing is an alternate view to the systems perspective).

Assume that the *technology* which is represented BY a system is the
(unified) logic according to which the "abstraction" (or, "the
mechanical nature which maintains a particular organization of objects") might exist so as to produce a product (one representative of the technology applied), and might thereby maintain an objective *standard*
(one pre-supposed by the unified "OBJECTive" whose action institutes
said technology so as to allow for the production of similar objects).

In this way (according to the proposed standard), one might define the "abstract nature" as the "ethics" of the proposed system though still control for the system's tendency to become "fuzzy" (or to become mechanically dis-unified-- ie. without regard for the technological, or "moral", standard which singularly defines such a system).

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