RE: virus: Kow?

Richard Brodie (
Mon, 24 May 1999 21:54:33 +0200

<<How we define our person is the mechanism by which we place ourselves in a social context in relation to the other participants in a forum of communication.>>

How you define your person is simply an image you have of yourself. In most cases it bears little relation to how others see you. Your choice to outfit yourself in the email equivalent of purple spiked hair, studded leather, and a pierced eyebrow has the same effect on most people that the real-life equivalent does: it distances them and makes them more likely to dismiss your point of view without consideration.

<<...I think reality is constructed from the symbols which arise out of a mutual attempt to participate together in the process of existence.
...everyone has a distinct experience of existence, reality is the sum of all those things which we have agreed through a process of community and symbolic communication to acknowledge as things in themselves.>>

What you describe is sometimes known as "world of agreement." Reality is what's really out there.

<< person and my individual identity are not separable. You can't assail one without the other.>>

>From your other posts, I really thought you were further along than that.

Richard Brodie
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