RE: virus: A "Confession" about "The Sign"

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I asked a cow, and she said that she enjoyed the attention. She said that to describe it as rape was pure optimism on the part of the perpetuators, as the people attempting it were not well enough equipped to achieve penetration, attempted molestation was a better description. Anyway, she found the whole furor amusing...

So why is this considered a "perversion"?


P.S. Then I ate her...

"Drink, drank, drunk. A sad declension." Otherwise known as "The Memetic Cow."

Loch Grey and dismal, at end of day
The sun has packed in, and run away
And the cold seeps into your very bones
Nearby a rough road, covered in stones.

I dreamed last night, 'bout a cow I'd eaten, Just why I dreamed this, has me beaten
But her eyes were sad, and her heart seemed to ache She had never married, a fine miss steak.

Drunk am I then, free as a bird
The concept seems to be vastly absurd
Oh for a marrow-bone, thus may I die
Weeping-drunk-laughing, So might I cry.

And thus is my back now totally deboned
Determined to leave no tern unstoned
But like the groom, we'll sweep the green With a witches cat, on Halloween.

To see your head there on the pillow
Makes me think of pussy, willow
And the wine that has swallowed me up in toto Will soon be confusing you; driving you loco!

The poet now blushes and bends his head
For his perversions arn't scarlet, just widely read Even though running short on time
Doggerel like this is always a crime!

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> > What the heck are "sexual perversions"?
> cow rape.